Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to handle a bomb threat ?

It was a day when the facilities team in the company I work for decided to release a handbook with useful information for employees and in order to coax employees to come in and get the book, a sweet treat was thrown in. The icing on the cake was definitely the last page of the book with instructions on how to handle a security threat like a bomb on premises. I am reproducing verbatim from the handbook.


Bomb Threats

Stay calm and ask the following questions

1. Where is the bomb ?
2. When will it go off ?
3. Why has the bomb been placed there ?
4. By whom has the bomb been placed ?


I am not sure if this was intended to be a funny read but it nevertheless is. The first and probably only instruction I would have expected when there is a bomb on premises is "Run (or walk if you prefer) for your lives". I know this is probably not sound advice in crowded places but an office facility is not so much crowded. People are usually distributed across floors or buildings and it must be fairly straightforward to get them to leave without causing a stampede.
I am not sure me or any other sane person would just stay calm and wonder where the bomb is, who put it there or the intended motive. I wonder if someone actually gets paid to write such funny stuff for employee handbooks, it sure did lighten up the office environment for a while.