Friday, June 20, 2008

Old and dying ...

I used to have a friend, someone I have known pretty well for nearly 10 years now. I met him first when I was in high school. He was young, energetic and raring to go then. He was noticed wherever he went. He had a huge fan following. He was helpful to me in so many ways, he helped me to keep in touch with friends, he kept me updated with all the latest and greatest news, he even delivered love letters for me. 

He was cool, a rock-star of sorts, a trusted companion and meant a lot to me. There was a time when I simply couldn't have survived without him. 

Alas, great things are never meant to last. I ignored him of late, and so did a lot of my other friends. Because there was this new kid who was way cooler, more friendlier and infinitely more useful to me and my friends. We even wanted to join this new kid in his mission to take over the world. 

Selfish warts us ! We deserted our old friend and went behind the new and shiny kid. And we forgot about our good old friend. So many followed suit and our old friend was left alone and vulnerable. His strength reduced greatly, he lost all will to fight and was readying to kill himself. I heard last that he was searching for a place to lie down and die peacefully. 

I am writing this to thank my old friend for all that he has done, an obituary of sorts. He made life better for so many of us over the years, but has outgrown his usefulness. He is a crazy old cock now, trying to survive and kill himself at the same time. Senility does that to you sometimes. 

Well, my old friend. The time has come for us to bid our final good bye. I hope you have a peaceful death. I hope this man who has been making life miserable for you will leave you alone at least in your deathbed.

You always loved purple didn't you, we promise to place a wreath of purple flowers on your coffin. 

Goodbye Yahoo ! You will be missed !

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